Our Story

The Wharf Rats, Live! started eleven years ago as a project to bring a new interpretation to the long format jam sound created by the Dead. The band has evolved over these past years to incorporate originals as well in the same genre. The band has played at numerous venues in the DMV area, and is expanding out to the Delaware shore. The sound is unique and captivating, drawing a loyal following as we expand our musical bounds that have no limits. " Shall we go, you and I, while we can....."
 ✿  ♫ ☮ MEMBERS ☮  ♫ ✿
☀Bill Danos - Drums
☀ Eric "dawg" Metzman - Vocals / Guitars
☀ Eric "Huck" Huckleberry - Vocals / Keyboards
☀ Dell Potter - Vocals / Guitars
☀ Katie Spasato- Vocals
☀ Dan Kehoe - Bass
☀ Eric Sutton - Aural Technologies / Sound engineering